5 Reasons to Choose Carol’s Critter Care

Choosing a professional to come into your home, especially when you’re not there, can be nerve wracking. Which company offers the best value for service while not sacrificing peace of mind? With on-demand pet service providers available at a reduced rate, choosing the local pet professional becomes a debate.

What some pet parents don’t know, however, is the secret value that local business pet sitters and walkers bring to the table. Here are just five of the excellent reasons to choose Carol’s Critter Care to give your pet some extra attention when you’re away:

1: Professionals Armed with Knowledge

Pet professionals working with Carol’s Critter Care have spent years learning all there is to know about pets. Is your pet suddenly afraid of screen doors, your cat has taken to attacking the vacuum, or Fido just isn’t picking up a trick? Our staff has experienced it before and knows how to tackle unique problems, either with hands-on help or through great advice to the pet parent.

Carol’s Critter Care also come with a support network to provide all clients with the best care possible – whether they are providing care during vacation or mid-day walks. Sometimes emergencies happen, and through support with management and knowledgeable staff, your pet will always be taken care of. Straight from a client review, our staff will go the extra mile no matter what:

“We left our Siberian Husky Bella in Carol’s care for two weeks over the holidays. We could not be happier with the care given. Bella has serious health issues and is on daily medication. In addition, Bella became ill and Carol went to our vet and purchased medication and special food. She sent us multiple texts, photos, and videos to let us know of Balla’s progress. The concern and care given to Bella by Carol was amazing. Bella stayed in Carol’s home which is very clean and animal friendly. I would not hesitate to recommend Carol to anyone who needs a caregiver for their beloved pet.” – Lori Whilden

2: Pet Care Is Their Passion, Not Their Hobby

Our pet professionals have lived their lives loving pets and many have years of experience. When choosing who to care for your best friend when you are away, look at how committed the service provider is to their profession – how long have they worked with animals, why do they want to get into the business, are you their first pet client, do they continue their pet education to provide the best service? All are valuable questions to ask before the introduction to your home and furry friend.

The difference in value between someone who is looking for extra cash and someone with years of experience at a professional business can be extreme.

3: All Employees are Fully Vetted

Carol’s Critter Care has employees that represents their name in the community. This means, before they put the key in your door, our pet care professionals are interviewed and tested for pet knowledge and reliability. This is to ensure that you are getting people prepared to care for your pet, as well as someone you would want in your home. Instead of a network of individuals, you are tapping a resource devoted to maintaining a stellar reputation and has one goal; your happy pet. Not just background checked, your pet’s care and your home are insured with thorough vetting whenever our pet professionals are on the job.

No nasty surprises to come home to – only wagging tails and purring pets.

4: Giving Back to Your Community

Pet owners love all animals, which is why Carol’s Critter Care is an active supporter of local animal shelters. For every time you book our team to care for your pet, we donate $1 to help animals waiting for family to find them. Not all owners have time to make it out to the shelter to walk dogs and empty litter boxes, which is why you can feel good about booking a service for your own pet through Carol’s Critter Care.

By delegating the care of your fluffy loved one to a business that donates to local shelters, you are caring for both your pet and the community.

5: Carol’s Critter Care is Invested in Your Pet, Not the Paycheck

We are focused on creating meaningful relationships with clients, not filling a quota for total pets walked a month. When hiring a company to care for your cat, dog, or goldfish, Carol’s Critter Care will send over an employee to first meet and get to know your pet. This ensures that the first visit will be an enjoyable experience for your pet, not an invasion by a stranger.

Also, we will always try to keep the same provider for all visits in the future. This way your pet can develop a relationship with one person, not a revolving door of different people who always have to be given the details.

It can be very tempting to click a profile on an app to get instant service, but it becomes a hazard when realizing what the trade-off is. Instead of one-on-one contact and personalized service, casual pet workers sometimes turn into one-and-done tourists. If you are in the market for a service that offers professional advice on pet behavior, a trusted individual in your home and a business invested in giving back, contact Carol’s Critter Care today.

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